How to Connect Sony TV to WiFi Internet 2022

In this article we discuss How to Connect Sony TV to WiFi (Wireless Internet). There are two types of TVs of Sony company. Firstly, those TVs which are wireless LAN-ready and secondly those which have built-in wireless LAN built-in. In this article, we will teach you to connect both TVs to WIFI. You can refer to the manual book supplied with the TV by Sony company to identify Wireless LAN-ready and Built-in Wireless TV.

How to Connect Sony TV to WiFi Internet

The new TVs that are being made by the Sony company right now are all built-in wireless TVs. Wireless LAN-ready TVs were manufactured by the company some time back. But at present, the manufacture of wireless LAN-ready TVs has been stopped because the company has taken this step in view of the continuous changes in technology and the convenience of customers over time.

To connect a wireless LAN-ready TV to the wifi internet, you must have a wireless LAN adapter. For this, Sony company also launched a wireless dongle named its UWA-BR100. This Wifi Dongle has to be inserted in the usb plugin of your Sony TV. After that you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1: – Start Sony TV. After this press the Home button given on the remote of Sony TV.

how to connect sony tv to wifi

Step 2: – After pressing the home button, some options will appear in front of you. In these various options, you have to search for network option and click on network option.

how to connect sony tv to wifi

Step 3: – After the Network option is open, you will see the Network Setup option. You have to open the Network Setup option.

how to connect sony tv to wifiStep 4: – After coming to the network setup, you have to select the Wireless setup option.

how to connect sony tv to wifi

Step 5: – After coming to the Wireless Setup setting, you will see 3 options. The first option will be WPS (Push Button), the second option will be WPS (PIN) and the third option will be Scan. In this article, we will teach you to connect Sony TV to wifi via WPS (push button).

Step 6 :- You have to select WPS (Push Button) option. After selecting WPS (Push Button), you have to press the WPS button given in the router. After pressing the wps button of the router, Sony TV will automatically connect to wifi.

Step 7 :- It becomes visible a screen confirming a successful connection is now shown, press the right arrow to continue and then select auto for IP address and proxy settings, a summary of the settings is shown and press the right arrow to continue establish a connection by selection save and connect network setup is now complete, press OK to continue.

 WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Set-up) :-

  1. Makes configuring wireless security features very easy
  2. Generates passwords and keys automatically every time new devices are added to the network

IF a Connection isn’t Made :-

  1. Ensure your router is on and within range of the of the TV
  2. Refer to your router’s manual as additional steps may be required to enable WPS.


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